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November 8, 2013
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Camera Data

Shutter Speed
1/4 second
Focal Length
35 mm
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Date Taken
Apr 7, 2012, 12:24:18 AM
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.2 (Windows)


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Paris by night - Cafe du Dome - Montparnasse by Rikitza Paris by night - Cafe du Dome - Montparnasse by Rikitza
Paris by night - Café du Dôme - Montparnasse
Just going thru some older pics I found this pic representing one of the most known places in Montparnasse that has attracted during the about 120 years of its existence a lot of the top visual arts gigants like the photographs Capa and Bresson, the painters Picasso, Modigliani, Foujitsa and Kissling, the writers Hemingway, Henry Miller and Sabatto, Lenin and many other important personalities ... 
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Seriously? We live in the era of graphic programs, the least you could do is to rotate the pic to make the horizon straight and crop out that head on the left... Would have been a nice photo (not very original, but pleasant enough), but sloppy editing ruins it.
Rikitza Mar 6, 2014   Photographer
Margaret, technically speaking maybe you are right.
Nevertheless, I do have some remarks:
1. I do not always post-edit my pics. As an author it is my right to select this option.
2. This pic has been taken hand-held from a car. Therefore, what you see on the left side is not a head but a wing mirror.
3. This pic has been published in different magazines exactly like you saw it here.
4. We live in an era where people might say what they believe-in in a nice way. This is not less important than to straighten the horizon.
5. Good luck - seriously !
Richard :)
Paris just get more beautiful at night. Beautiful lighting and detail.
Rikitza Dec 16, 2013   Photographer
Giuseppe - my friend thx a bunch for your wonderful comment :)
My pleasure. I enjoy your work very much. :)
Elegant location, and the light looks very inviting. ^^
Rikitza Nov 19, 2013   Photographer
It certainly is ... :)
:la: Banana Dance Here is your critique from SnazzyPhotography By: Bri one of the Co-Founders.:la: Banana Dance

Bullet; Blue First of all, kudos on this night photo, it's hard to shoot night photo's and even get a decent quality photo without noise and you did real good on that.

Bullet; Red The Vision is very nice, love all the lights and atmosphere. I wish it had a tad more contrast to emphasize the lights.

Bullet; Orange The originality, I think all night photo's are origional, not often you see a photo of the same exact thing when shooting night and even less do you see it done repetitively.

Bullet; Red The technique is very nice for the most part, I'd just like to see more contrast in this, have the photo streightened out a bit.. it seems a tad slanted and also crop out that overly bright light to the left hand upper side and the little poll thing to the bottom left hand side, these things are distracting away from the main focus and without them and it being more straight it would make this good photo into a great photo in my opinion.

Bullet; YellowThe impact is pretty good, it's not a wow photo but it's nice and I'd look at this for a while before going to the next photo, basically it's enough to keep my interest so that I'd look at it in full view and not just pass it by without a second glance.

Star! Star! Star! Star! No Star
Originality Star! Star! Star! Star! No Star
Technique Star! Star! Star! No Star No Star
Impact Star! Star! Star! No Star No Star

Overall Rating
Star! Star! Star! Half Star No Star
Rikitza Nov 18, 2013   Photographer
Dear Bri(gitte?), thx a bunch for your critique. :heart:
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